Many brick-and-click competitors became stronger contenders in the marketplace than the pure-click firms because they had a larger pool of resources to work with and ________.

A: Better prices

B: Well-established brand names

C: One-on-one communications

D: direct selling capability

Well-established brand names

In the course of converting to a marketing orientation, a company faces three hurdles _______.

A: Organized resistance, slow learning, and fast forgetting

B: Management, customer reaction, competitive response

C: Decreased profits, increased R&D, additional distribution

D: Forecasted demand, increased sales expense, increased inventory costs

Organized resistance, slow learning, and fast forgetting

Companies that practice both a reactive and proactive marketing orientation are implementing a __________ and are likely to be the most successful.

A: Total market orientation

B: External focus

C: Customer focus

D: Competitive, customer focus

Total market orientation

Marketers argue for a __________ in which all functions work together to respond to, serve, and satisfy the customer.

A: Cross-functional team orientation

B: Collaboration model

C: Customer orientation

D: Management-driven organization

Customer orientation

Sales force compensation should direct the sales force toward activities that are consistent with _________ ?

A: Overall company strategies

B: Overall company objectives

C: Overall department objectives

D: Overall marketing objectives

E: All of the above

All of the above

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