Belfast Agreement is also called_____________?

A: Good Tuesday Agreement

B: Good Thursday Agreement

C: Good Friday Agreement

D: none

Good Friday Agreement

Who won the maximum awards at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards?

A: A. Billie Eilish

B: Lizzo

C: Lady Gaga

D: Lil Nas X

A. Billie Eilish

Name of Worlds Largest Twin Engine Jet?

A: Boeing 777X

B: Boeing 737 max

C: Boeing 999X

D: None of these

Boeing 777X

Who is Current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?

A: Dinesh Gunawardena

B: Maithripala Sirisena

C: Ranil Wickremesinghe

D: D.M. Jayaratne

Dinesh Gunawardena

Which album won the award for Best Rock Album at the Grammy 2020 awards?

A: Amo

B: Social Cues

C: In the End

D: Trauma

Social Cues

Hamas is Palestinian Militant Group lead by__________?

A: Ismail Haniyeh

B: Zalmay Khalilzad

C: Esmail qaani

D: Ahmed Hamzeh

Ismail Haniyeh

Britain remained member of EU for how many years?

A: 54 Years

B: 47 Years

C: 35 Years

D: 60 Years

47 Years

UK (Britain) Joined EU in which year?

A: 1980

B: 1968

C: 1973

D: 1950


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