Ombrophobia is fear of_______?

A: Snow

B: Rain

C: Smog

D: None of these


Animals living in the Tree trunks are known as______?

A: Volant

B: Arboreal

C: Amphibious

D: Aquaticx


Common food sources of Vitamin A are:______?

A: White sugar, honey, and sugar cane

B: Milk, eggs, butter, cheese, cream, and liver

C: Broccoli, apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potato, spinach

D: Both A and C

Both A and C

The study of forces acting upon bodies in motion in the air is called_____?

A: Aerophysics

B: Aeronautics

C: Aerodynamics

D: Aerofraction


Which of the following conditions related to smoking involves damage to the alveoli sacs?

A: Atherosclerosis

B: Lung Cancer

C: Emphysema

D: Asthma


What part of the brain controls thirst and hunger?

A: Hypothalamus

B: Thalamus

C: Aymgdala

D: None


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