Which of the following have extremely limited resources of Water?

A: Coastal Areas

B: Deserts

C: Plains

D: Mountains


Which is the most Populous Muslim Country?

A: Pakistan

B: Indonesia

C: Nigeria

D: Bangladesh


The Biggest Ocean of the World is _____?

A: Arctic

B: Indian

C: Mediterranean

D: Pacific


Maritime is a security agency of which country?

A: China

B: France

C: Germany

D: Pakistan


Napoleon Bonaparte was the king of___________?

A: France

B: Italy

C: Russia

D: Spain


Helsinki is the capital of which country?

A: Poland

B: North korea

C: Finland

D: Austria


South Pole was discovered by__________?

A: Cabot

B: Robert Peary

C: North America

D: Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen

What is Big Ben?

A: A galaxy of stars on the sky

B: The worlds highest tower in Tokyo

C: The Worlds first railway engine

D: Clock at British parliament building

Clock at British parliament building

The worlds oldest Lake is___________?

A: Lake Baikal

B: Lake Superior

C: Lake Victoria

D: Great Bear Lake

Lake Baikal

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