Overhead cost is the total of ____________.

A: all indirect costs.

B: all direct costs.

C: indirect and direct costs.

D: all specific costs

all indirect costs.

Warehouse rent is a part of _________?

A: prime cost.

B: factory cost.

C: distribution cost.

D: production cost

distribution cost.

Tender is an_____________?

A: estimation of profit.

B: estimation of cost.

C: estimation of selling price

D: estimation of units.

estimation of selling price

Audit fess is a part of__________.

A: works on cost.

B: selling overhea

C: distribution overhea

D: administration overhead

administration overhead

Direct cost incurred can be identified with_______________?

A: Each Department

B: Each unit of output

C: Each Month

D: Each Executive

Each unit of output

IFRS 9 explains about?

A: Inventory

B: Accounts Payable

C: Accounts Receivable

D: Expenses

Accounts Receivable

One of the most important tools in cost planning is__________?

A: Direct cost

B: Cost Sheet

C: Budget

D: Marginal Costing.


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