Habsha is the old name of_________?

A: Ethiopia

B: Zaire

C: Uganda

D: Nigeria


What is a basin?

A: High area of land

B: Deep area of River

C: Lower area of land

D: deep area of ocean

Lower area of land

The International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) is observed annually across the world on_______?

A: 1st January

B: 9th December

C: 9th January

D: 1st February

9th December

ODI stands for___________?

A: One Day International

B: Overseas Development Institute

C: Oracle Data Integrator (Oracle

D: Office for Disability Issues

One Day International

Battery was invented by__________?

A: Nicolas LĂ©onard Sadi Carnot

B: Alessandro Volta

C: Michael Faraday

D: Friedrich Bessel

Alessandro Volta

Who was known as the Ambassador to the Worlds Religion ?

A: Mala YousafZaai

B: Dalayi Lama

C: Huston Smith

D: None of these

Huston Smith

Panda is found in which country?

A: Nepal

B: Bhutan

C: India

D: China


The worlds oldest Lake is___________?

A: Lake Baikal

B: Lake Superior

C: Lake Victoria

D: Great Bear Lake

Lake Baikal

Hegel was a ___________ Philosopher?

A: French

B: German

C: Italian

D: Swedish


Black Pool is a __________ in England?

A: Hotel

B: Tower

C: Resort

D: Island


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