Oranges are rich source of_______?

A: Fats

B: Carbohydrates

C: Proteins

D: Vitamins


Sodium carbonate is produced by_______?

A: Amonia solvay process

B: haber process

C: decons process

D: lead chamber process

Amonia solvay process

Name the animal which can live without water in its entire life?

A: Camel

B: Desert lizard

C: Kangaroo rat

D: Cuttlefish

Kangaroo rat

Battery was invented by_____?

A: Alessandro Volta

B: Nicolas LĂ©onard Sadi Carnot

C: Michael Faraday

D: Friedrich Bessel

Alessandro Volta

Which is the hardest substance in the human body?

A: Skull

B: Tooth enamel

C: Knee cap

D: Rib

Tooth enamel

Soap and detergents remove the dirt from clothes due to_____?

A: Capillary action

B: Osmosis

C: Lowering of interfacial tension

D: Diffusion

Lowering of interfacial tension

Deficiency of vitamin B1 is causes_____?

A: Bone Infection

B: Rickets

C: Beriberi

D: Myopia


What amount of fats give energy of 9.3 K Calories?

A: 1.0 gram

B: 0.5 gram

C: 2.0 gram

D: 4.1 gram

1.0 gram

1 2 3 4 125