ECG is used for the diagnosis of aliments of ?

A: Heart

B: Brain

C: Kidneys

D: Lungs


Barnacles growing on the back of whale is an example for ______?

A: parasitism

B: mutualism

C: amensalism

D: commensalism


Pollutants that are introduced into the environment by human activity are called as ______?

A: Quantitative pollutants

B: Qualitative pollutants

C: Anthropogenic pollutant

D: All of Above

Anthropogenic pollutant

Serum if blood plasma minus its?

A: Clotting proteins

B: Calcium ions

C: Globulins

D: none

Clotting proteins

The point that lies directly above the source of an earthquake is known as _____ ?

A: Epicenter

B: Earthquake Center

C: Gravitational Center

D: Geological Center


Name the drugs which block the sensory nerves and prevent the patient from feeling pain?

A: Antibiotics

B: Analgesics

C: Antihistamines

D: Anaesthetics


Water vapour turns into clouds in the atmosphere when:

A: The temperature rise

B: It rains

C: Dew point is reached

D: Evaporation takes place

Dew point is reached

Fog that most often forms as warm rain falls into a cold layer of surface air is called ____?

A: Evaporation (mixing) fog

B: Radiation fog

C: Advection fog

D: Upslope fog

Evaporation (mixing) fog

What is the average adult pulse rate?

A: 115-125

B: 140-150

C: 72-80

D: 60


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