Britain remained member of EU for how many years?

A: 54 Years

B: 47 Years

C: 35 Years

D: 60 Years

47 Years

UK (Britain) Joined EU in which year?

A: 1980

B: 1968

C: 1973

D: 1950


which country cuts ties with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)?

A: Malaysia

B: Singapore

C: Indonesia

D: Thailand


which sea considered as huge source of green house gases?

A: yellow sea

B: black sea

C: red sea

D: Arabian sea

red sea

Which Two Countries have Peace deal with ISRAEL?

A: Turkey and Iran

B: Jordan and Egypt

C: Iraq and Lebanon

D: Somalia and Libya

Jordan and Egypt

Which is the first deaf person in the world to cross Atlantic Ocean?

A: MO O, Brien

B: Kevine O Brien

C: Martine O Brien

D: Robert O Brien

MO O, Brien

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