Which of the following secrete hydrochloric acid in stomach?

A: Mucosa

B: Goblet

C: Epithelial

D: Oxyntic


What is called movement of cell against concentration gradient ?

A: Passive Transport

B: Osmosis

C: Active Transport

D: Diffusion

Active Transport

The method of reproduction of new plants by cells instead of seed is known is:___________?

A: Tissue culture

B: Mutation

C: Antibiosis

D: Recombination

Tissue culture

The cardio respiratory capacity is related to____________?

A: Strength

B: Flexibility

C: Normal physical endurance

D: Agility

Normal physical endurance

Ultra Microscopic viruses are the main cause of__________?

A: Malaria

B: Measles

C: Mumps

D: Cholera


Which is NOT an example of a microbial symbiosis?

A: bacteria in the human colon

B: tapeworm in the cow intestine

C: bacteria passing through the placenta

D: protozoans found within termites

bacteria passing through the placenta

Term the time during which an orgnism is present in the body before causing disease ?

A: Rest period

B: Incubation period

C: Sleeping period

D: Inclubation time

Incubation period

Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are called___________?

A: Drones

B: Vectors

C: Hybirds

D: None of these


Genetic information carriers is/are____________?


B: Chromosomes

C: Gene

D: Nucleus


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