Leaders of Hyderabad were called?

A: Khan

B: Nawab

C: Nazim

D: None


What is the function of heart pacemaker?

A: It decreases the heart beat

B: It regulates the heart beat

C: It increase the heart beat

D: it accelerates blood supply to the heart

It regulates the heart beat

The disease Diphtheria affect the ———— in the human body.

A: Kidneys

B: Intestines

C: Throats

D: Joints


Which Vitamin help blood clotting?

A.Vatiamin D

B.Vitamin E

C.Vitamin A

D.Vitamin K

D. Vitamin K

The Lake of Vitamin C creates which disease ?


B.skin disease

C. Rickets

D.Pernicious anaemia

B. skin disease

Which Vitamins is not stored in Human Body

A.Vitamin A

B.Vitamin B

C.Vitamin C

D.Vitamin D

C. Vitamin C

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