Which of the following are insulin dependent Glut receptors?

A: Glut 1&3

B: Glut 2

C: Glut 1

D: Glut 4

Glut 4

Stress indicating hormones are____________?

A: Cortisol

B: Adrenaline


D: All of these

All of these

Which of the following are the properties of Anti inflammatory medicines?

A: Anti inflammation

B: Immuno suprent

C: Anti pyratic

D: All


Like enzymes , co enzyme can be used ?

A: only once

B: only few times

C: again and again

D: non of above

again and again

Which of the following gases readily combines with the haemoglobin of the blood?

A: Carbon monoxide

B: Methene

C: Oxygen

D: Nitrogen dioxide

Carbon monoxide

Which of the following secrete hydrochloric acid in stomach?

A: Mucosa

B: Goblet

C: Epithelial

D: Oxyntic


What is called movement of cell against concentration gradient ?

A: Passive Transport

B: Osmosis

C: Active Transport

D: Diffusion

Active Transport

Which of the following proteins have role in heredity?

A: Chromo-proteins

B: Lipo-proteins

C: Phospho-proteins

D: Nucleo-proteins


1 2 3 4 127