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Distinctive names of cities of pakistan

  • Land of Five River- Punjab
  • City of Colleges- Lahore
  • City of lightening- Karachi
  • Manchester of Pakistan- Faisalabad
  • Gateway of Pakistan- Karachi
  • Brasilia of Pakistan- Islamabad
  • Valley or city of Flowers- Peshawar
  • City of Textiles- Faisalabad
  • Switzerland of Pakistan- Swat
  • Little Pakistan- Bradford
  • Gateway of Invaders- Khyber Pass
  • Pearl of the Himalaya- Kaghan Valley
  • Killer Mountain of the world- Nanga Parbat
  • Salt Home of the world- Pakistan
  • Land of pure people- Pakistan
  • City of greeneries- Islamabad
  • Bread Basket of Pakistan- Punjab
  • Queen of crops- Punjab

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