Auditing engagement can be performed w.r.t.

A: Profit making entity

B: Non-profit making entity

C: Corporate entity only

D: Any entity

Any entity

Scope of financial audit is__________?

A: Financial information

B: Non-financial information

C: Both (a) and (b)

D: None of these

Financial information

Which of the following is not type of engagement standard?

A: Standards on Auditing

B: Standard on Quality Control

C: Standards on Review Engagement

D: Standards on Assurance Engagement

Standard on Quality Control

You have been proposed as auditor of a company. What is the first step that you should take?

A: Obtain the clients permission to communicate with the existing auditor

B: Obtain the existing auditors working papers

C: Obtain a copy of the companys most recent board minutes

D: Obtain a copy of the existing auditors letter of engagement

Obtain the clients permission to communicate with the existing auditor

Which of these are types of Audit Report?

A: Unqualified opinion

B: Qualified opinion

C: Adverse opinion

D: Disclaimer of opinion. All of above

All of above

Pick the odd one:

A: Checking the vouchers

B: Preparation of vouchers

C: Evaluation of internal control

D: None of the above

Preparation of vouchers

Which one of the following may auditors NOT perform for their client?

A: Taking management decisions

B: Preparation of accounting records

C: Preparing tax computations

D: Advising on weaknesses in the internal control systems

Taking management decisions

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