Squash legend Azam Khan dies of coronavirus at 95 in_________?

A.United Kingdom



D.United States of America

United Kingdom

Squash Legend Azam Khan died at the age of 95 on__________?

A.26 March 2020

B. 27 March 2020

C.28 March 2020

D.29 March 2020

28 March 2020

Jang group’s chairman and publisher passed away on 31 March 2020, what was his name?

A.Mir Khalil ur Rehman

B. Mir Javed ur Rehman

C.Mir Shakil ur Rehma

D.None of these

Mir Javed ur Rehman

PM Imran Khan announced _______ billion subsidy for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme on 03rd April 2020?

A.Rs 55 billion

B.Rs 30 billion

C.Rs 15 billion

D.Rs 25 billion

Rs 30 billion

Who becomes second doctor to lay down life in battle against coronavirus in Pakistan?

A.Dr. Amjad Soomro

B.Dr. Abdul Qadir soomro

C.Dr. Nasir soomro

D. None of these

Dr. Abdul Qadir soomro

Who is the Current Managing Director of Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (Pvt) Limited?

A.Sajjad Mehmood Qazi

B.Farhan shafi

C.Usman Ahmed

D.None of these

Farhan shafi

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