__________is called the birth place of Islam, Judaism, Christianity?

A: East-South Asia

B: South-West Asia

C: West-South Asia

D: East-West Asia

South-West Asia

the seal affixed on important letters by prophet (SAW) was in the Custody of ?

A: Hazrat Ali (RA)

B: Hazrat Qais RA

C: Hazrat khuzaifa (RA)

D: Hazrat Bilal (RA)

Hazrat khuzaifa (RA)

Ameen –ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat________________(RA)?

A: Emar bin Yasir (RA)

B: Suleman Farsi (RA)

C: Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA)

D: Abu Saeeed Khuzir (RA)

Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA)

The effective Zakat System can ensure the elimination of__________?

A: Poverty

B: Ignorance

C: Class Distinction

D: Interest


A verse of the Holy Quran indicates the name of__________?

A: Hazarat Muaaz (RA)

B: Hazrat Bilal (RA)

C: Hazrat Saad (RA)

D: Hazrat Zaid (RA) E. None of these

Hazrat Zaid (RA)

Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in__________?

A: Madina

B: Mukkah

C: Taif

D: Jabal-e-Noor E. None of these


Who was a Historian, justice, philosopher as well as Politician?

A: Shams ud din bin Khalkan

B: Abdur Rehman bin Khaldun

C: Abu Bakar Muhammad Yahya

D: Muhammad bin Essa E. None of these

Abdur Rehman bin Khaldun

Had –e- Qazaf (false Accusation) is__________?

A: 50 Lashes

B: 70 Lashes

C: 80 Lashes

D: 90 Lashes

80 Lashes

Ada Bin Hatam Thai embrace Islam in________?

A: 3 Hijri

B: 6 Hijri

C: 9 Hijri

D: 11 Hijri

9 Hijri

Wealth obtained from a mine is liable to_________?

A: Zakat

B: Khumus

C: Sulus

D: Rubah


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